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Created by André Goldstein in January 2009, FlyMedia is an ad sales house specialising in the general and commercial aviation, ultralight, nautical, luxury and premium advertising sectors and their respective media agencies. Our range of publishers and media currently targets the aeronautical, B2B and B2C markets, as well as professional and private pilots both in France and farther afield. We help support our advertisers’ communications using an optimum, exclusive range of seven multimedia tools:

  • 4 digitals : OpenFlyers, Airmate,,
  • 4 prints : Icare, Aviasport, Vol à Voile, Rogers Data aero charts.

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FlyMedia Digital

  • OpenFlyers Publisher : For your communications, OpenFlyers has operated since 2002 as the leading app in offering the best market penetration among French flying clubs and their pilots, through the online management of 310 aero organisations comprising 30,000 B2C and B2B pilot users.
  • Airmate Publisher : For your communications, Airmate was launched in 2016 and is now the world’s leading flight planning app. The app lets you target over 122,000 pilots across the globe thanks to Flight Briefing, its dedicated individual email newsletter service. With your banner embedded in the email, Flight Briefing presents a high-value-added monthly update of global flight planning data.
  • Agaw Publisher : For your communications, the B2B and B2C aero newsletter has been targeting an audience of B2B and B2C aero pilots since 2002.
  • Agaw Publisher : For your communications, the website, launched in 2007, displays over 130,000 aircraft photos. Offering the very best in aeronautical photography, it targets B2B and B2C pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

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FlyMedia Print

  • SNPL Publisher : For your communications, Icare is an iconic quarterly review that has been charting world aviation history since 1957. The most selective, prestigious aeronautical review around, it offers an exclusive subscription service that reaches 6,200 airline pilot members of the French National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL).
  • JAC Publisher : For your communications, the Aviasport bimonthly review has been reporting on aeronautical current affairs in the general aviation sector since 1954. It is geared towards the B2B market and French-speaking professional and private pilots.
  • JAC Publisher : For your communications, the Vol à Voile bimonthly review has been in print since 1983 and is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to French-speaking glider pilots.
  • Rogers Data Publisher : For your communications, Rogers Data publish 60 VFR aeronautical charts dedicated to Pilots, covering 40 European countries. From Scandinavia in the North to Greece in the South, from Portugal in the West to Poland in the East, Rogers Data produces very high quality VFR charts, designed by Professionnal Pilots for all Pilots. Thanks to its European coverage, Rogers Data charts are positioned among the main European aeronautical media.

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